Sunday, April 08, 2007

Recipe for an Easter Sunday

First off, while the weather is still grey and muggy, lie in bed with a good book. In this case I recommend Lance Armstrong's highly inspirational autobiography. Never has an autobiography provoked such an extreme range of emotions - from tension to tears, to laughter, tears and exhileration.

When the rumbling stomach over-rides the desire to stay in bed, assemble a fry-up of eggs, bacon, bread, grilled tomatoes, hash browns and kransky sausages. Add hot cross buns if desired.

By this time the weather will have turned into a warm, still autumn "Wellington on a good... " day. Abandon your plans to check out the new Dowse. Instead bribe husbands with promises of icecream, drive up to the Brooklyn wind turbine, and then walk all the way to the Hawkins radar station. Stop on the way to photograph a curious ostrich and abizarre castle, and to bark back at big, not so scarey dogs. Be genuinely freaked out by the unworldliness of the radar station itself. Lust after mountain bike trails leading off into places unknown. Wish you'd remembered to bring bubbly, admire the flat piece of land above the radar station and picture it as a dance party location. Cast longing gazes at the jewel of the South Island rising majestically in the not-so-far-away distance.

When all you have done all of that, return to the car. Stop off at the dairy for icecream. Then go home and prepare for an evening of secret adventures, courtesy of Nic and Leonie.

Photos and further adventure updates to come...

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