Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NaPoWriMo16: Hunger

I got completely stumped on this one. I didn't want to write anything about the obvious - about ambition, striving for a goal, needing food or the general state of society that keeps people searching for something.

In the end this is what decided to come out.

At the wedding he
tells her best friend
that he thinks he made
a mistake all those
years ago.

She is so delicious
today in cream silk and
mocha lace and at
home is the born-again
wife he met at McDonalds
and the Sunday School kids.

He imagines that she still
lives in the same universe,
that given the auction of a
ring and a lawyer's invoice
he could somehow render her
his again.

But his hunger is that of a
bird for the caterpillar with
the spiny hairs on its back or
a tiger shark for the puffer fish.
She will remain nothing more
than an admired still life study
of a ripe bowl of fruit.

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