Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Highlights

Run for Christchurch has raised over $18,ooo. We went global and people were amazing. Check out our blog for more details. If you've ever been curious to hear me speak then you can listen to my podcast there as well!

Work has finally quietened down again and it's pretty much back to Business As Usual instead of earthquake recovery. I actually had performance review interviews with my team, though I haven't written up the reports yet. I'm in the middle of writing a project plan, about which I'm ridiculously excited.

Hamish and I are off away again up the island this weekend for a wedding. It's normal to immediately start planning new running and cycling routes, right?

This week I completed a monster (as in insanely steep) 1.5 hour trail run on Saturday and rode a solo 40k on Sunday (I was supposed to do around 70 but ended up riding on my own and lost my will to live). On Monday the Squad mixed it up a bit with a run around Mt Victoria and Newtown - a mix of trails and road. I ended up on my own after trying to find some tail-enders who'd gone another way and had to sprint back to Te Papa to make sure someone didn't send out a search party.

On Tuesday Duck's morning workouts started up again. Lots of squats, lunges, pushups, step ups and tricep dips later we were done. I followed that up with an RPM class after work.

On Wednesday it was 1k interval time. We warmed up then did four intervals. I did surprisingly well for the first two but my post-workout/RPM legs weren't really having it for the last.

This morning it was time for a one-on-one Duck bashing in Frank Kitts, the highlight of which was me skidding on the slippery surface of the playground while doing side shuttles. My right leg went one way, my left went the other, and in an attempt to not rupture an abductor I found myself on my back laughing hysterically while people walked by. I am still loving the kettlebell work we've been doing and am feeling very strong.

This afternoon the autumnal weather was perfect for running. It was clear, calm and wind free. I headed out at lunchtime for a bonus 5k up to Kelburn and back through the Botanical Gardens. My legs were tired but did their thing obligingly.

Oh, and I have a new marathon training programme!!!