Saturday, April 28, 2007

NaPoWriMo 26: Glimpse

I've skipped past 'blaze' for now. Like some other bloggers I'm starting to feel a little poemed out. I wonder whether continuing to push out work just for the sake of it is actually damaging to creativity. However I suspect that after all of this is over my output will continue to be higher than it was prior to April, because I think of life in poetry terms now. I feel like a poet.

Wait until winter,
they say,
you won't like it
as much here then.

And over the days
as we pay $12 for
two corn fritters with
some salad and
$8 for a couple of
pieces of toast and
the blow flies swarm
in the kitchen and the
electric fence ticks
and the septic tank overflows
we catch a glimpse of
the grim reality
of paradise.

Sitting on the beach
at Totaranui the
sand makes us homesick
for Oriental Bay.
Yes we could live here,
we tell ourselves,
but not yet.
Too isolated.
Too much effort.

On the ferry we
sit in the sun and
raise a toast as
we pass Red Rocks
on our way
back home.

Footnote: Reading about Wellington Harbour for this poem I discovered that the Harbour's Maori name is Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Tara, of course, is also a Buddhist deity, and I have always felt White Tara to be my own personal deity. Perhaps that is why I feel comfortable here.

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Catherine said...

I've skipped, too - skipped "improper" yesterday, and I am about to go and write two to catch up. One for "circle" and one non-prompt poem. My quality has been very variable, but I think the really good thing about NaPoWriMo is that it has taught me to skip all the internal mental drama about writing, and just go and do it. Even if only a quarter of what I've written is any good, that's way more than I usually manage in a month.
I like reading your poems, they always sing of New Zealand to me.