Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday Photos

As promised, some photos of our expedition to Hawkins Hill Radar Station. The photo above is taken at the top of a steep ascent, about 500 metres below the station. I'm sitting on an old power pole that at some point came loose from its rusty supports and topped down to fracture and hang over the edge of the hill. It was an absolutely stunning day. I'm not sure how often it is possible to sit at that elevation and feel not a breathe of wind. We were certainly extremely fortunate.

The city seemed minute below us, and as Nic commented, deceptively flat. All things are relative when you're this high up I guess.

The bulbous globe of the Radar Station behind us. I'm guessing the big concrete walls are there to protect the structure from the huge winds that must at times blow through here. Apparently the radar is used for airport safety systems. A woman walking past read the notice advising of this, and commented loudly: "Yeah right, spy satellites for use in the war against Iraq more like it". A cynic amongst us then...
The ostrich. I think this one had a particular fondness for Leonie. It followed her up and down the fenceline flapping its wings energetically.

Ostrich burgers for dinner?

The castle - encircled by huge high, ugly barbed wire fences. No landscaping whatsoever, and completely shut up when we were there. Two large dogs barked at us as we walked past, the only sign of life other than the odd goat (and the ostrich). I'm sure the views from inside are stunning, and I guess the structure will withstand any storm, but why build something so barren and ugly?

What did we do before photography? Probably spend more time enjoying the view I guess...

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