Thursday, April 26, 2007

NaPoWriMo 24: Sheen

When I thought of the word sheen I thought of the patina on a piece of furniture that has been polished by contact with countless humans. I also thought of sitting in the bath this week, my skin gleaming from bath oils and candles creating light and shadow in the room.

Pay Attention
Awareness is in the
patterns the tea-light
candle throws on
the bathroom wall,
the varnish on an antique
writing desk worn
to a sheen by the
caress of countless
coat sleeves.

Try not to miss the
cry of the blackbird
that signals a cat
strolling through the
courtyard or
the way the house
creaks when the wind
blows in just the right
South-Easterly direction.

Do not sleep as the
cicada sings from the
Puka tree or the skink
crawls out from the flax
and into the sun.
Do not miss the soft
thud before the clock
in the hallway begins
to chime.

Today everything is
seeking your focus,
demanding that you
exist now, here,
in this moment.
Pay attention!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I always enjoy seeing bits of New Zealand crop up in your poetry - the skinks, the flax, the cicada, the puka tree etc