Monday, April 23, 2007

NaPoWriMo 21: 10 items or less

So I had some fun with this one. I don't know if it really qualifies as a poem. I guess this qualifies as artistic license! That's me in the photo above, second from the left in the crocheted tank top (which, in all fairness, is actually a lovely piece of clothing). For our Christmas function our office dressed up as 'what we wanted to be when we grew up'. A bunch of us dressed up as 80s pop stars. Cheesy, but unexpectedly fun!

Staff Christmas Function in 10 Items or Less

Two free drinks vouchers: The number of vouchers she was entitled to at her staff Christmas party.
Six free drinks: The number she actually drank, after procuring more than her tax-payer funded entitlement by sneaky and nefarious means.
Two high-heel sandals from the Number 1 Shoe Warehouse: Finally rubbing after six hours’ continual use, taken off halfway down the pedestrian access way to her street and carried the rest of the way home in the pouring rain.
One diamante-studded denim mini-skirt: Borrowed from a colleague and now sopping wet.
Half a can of hairspray: Used to tease her hair into an 80s bouffant, now running down her nose in rivulets of chemical ooze.
One pair of black three-quarter length tights: For some reason back in fashion.
One uncontrollable fit of giggles: Halfway between her letter-box and her front door.
One giant hangover: Waiting for her the next morning, but thankfully shared by most of her office.
One lost hairbrush: Found a couple of weeks later by her husband, sticking up in the grass at the top of the garden.


chocolate covered musings said...

hee! excellent! this one had me giggling.

Catherine said...

Excellent poem! But it does reveal why I am allergic to staff Christmas functions. They seem to be designed for the young and extroverted :)