Thursday, October 08, 2009

An Email Exchange

On Thurs, Oct 7, 2009 at 9.05 A.M, [Pip] wrote:
I may have just died and gone to heaven
Though it would be a Leo-style "must have more, can't have more,
must have more" kinda heaven ...
[Note: Leo was a friend's cat who was notorious for his inability to stop eating until his plate was clean, even if that plate was a bowl of melted icecream with chocolate sauce]

and only 10,000 calories! :) (How many circuits of Taupo is that?)

Er, that's about three times around the lake. No worries!

yeah Hamish, Pip can do that BEFORE breakfast, then go back and run it twice before lunch!

But would she have the mega-egg for breakfast (between the cycle and the runs) or before? or after?
and how many times could she so around if she put 10 shots of espresso in it?
[Note: I'm also notorious for my extreme reaction to caffeine]

Definitely not for breakfast- too much sugar and it would cause serious gastro issues! I'm contemplating whether it would be possible to pour some of the fondant into the feedbag on my top tube, every now and then reaching in and scooping some out instead of sucking down gels on the bike. The chocolate would melt in my shirt pockets, and that would just be nasty. For similar reasons it wouldn't be terribly portable on the run, but I imagine that, combined with a little chocolate milk, the egg would make a great recovery meal.

Give a calorie intake target of only around 200 calories per hour during exercise though, and even allowing for around 600 calories of recovery meal intake, there'd still be plenty of egg left over for my supporters!

And I'm now wondering how I ever wound up in a universe where I sit at my desk on a Thurday morning calculating calories burned during exercise versus the calorific contents of a giant Cadbury crème egg and its nutritional value.

Pip: (a few minutes later)
Thinking about it, I'd probably be able to add 5k per hour in speed on the bike per shot of coffee, and drop 30 seconds per kilometre on the run (these are genuine calculations, btw). I'm sure if I thought about it I could calculate the reduced calories burned as a result of the reduced exercise time resulting from the coffee intake, but I should really stop now and get some work done ...

Picture me LMAO right now