Saturday, April 07, 2007

NaPoWriMo 6: Unspoken

Soon after I started posting to Poetry Thursday one of the prompts involved writing about things we could never say. I considered posting the poem I wrote at that time for this NaPoWriMo prompt. However it is still too personal, still has the potential to hurt some people close to me, and besides that, is overly concerned with declaration and not concerned enough with quality. Not that lack of quality worries me in respect to that particular poem. It was more about 'getting stuff out' than setting the poetry community alight with the skill of my composition!

So today I instead decided to rediscover the love of Haiku I had in primary school. I'd forgotten how much I loved the economy of words, the simplicity of counting syllables. Wiki says that traditional Japanese Haiku contains one complete statement, and also tends to refer to the seasons. Nature is creeping into my poetry again, and today is no different. I'm continuing the theme I picked up in Yield. Here's something I thew together quickly, on this gorgeous sunny Easter weekend Saturday...

Autumn creeps southward.
Summer desire unspoken
Withers into earth.

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