Friday, March 28, 2014

It's been just over a year ...

It's been a while - just over a year since my last post. I am thinking of resurrecting this blog again as my primary running/cycling/living blog. However I also want to establish a second blog.

In March last year our lives changed when we brought Emmie (racing name Living the Dream) into our lives. Em is a gorgeous five year old blue and white former racing greyhound. I regret not chronicling her first year with us, though it's all out there on Facebook. I had no idea adopting a dog would change our lives so fundamentally, or that my routine would become centred around being a dog mum. A year in and I'm learning to balance playdates with training, a career and a social life. So what do we decide to do?  Adopt another! There are so many brilliant greyhound blogs out there I thought it might be fun to create one of my own. After having been so slack with the whole blogging thing I can't make any promises, but keep checking in and I may be back with another blog announcement some time soon.