Saturday, April 21, 2007


It's 9.35pm. I've had a week of very little exercise and terrible eating habits. I'm too scared to get on the scales, and I've lost touch with my fitness. I'm still injured.

This is my dilemma. There's a 10km run at 10.00 in Levin tomorrow morning. Do I do the race? I haven't followed good 'pre-race' practice today. There's been a couple of ciders, not enough water, a bit too much eating. To get there I have to get up really early on a Sunday morning and drive, on my own, for an hour and a half to a part of Levin I've never been to before. Then I have to try to run a 10km race on my own, in no way psychologically or physically prepared. If I burn again, what damage will that do to my psyche and my belief that I can do the Shoe Clinic half? What if I injure myself more badly? On the other hand, if I don't do this race there won't be any more opportunities to run an event before Shoe Clinic, and God knows I need the practice.

So what if I go out tomorrow and totally ace the event? What if I don't necessarily ace it, but still manage to finish under an hour and without wanting to hurl?

I'm not making any promises. I'm going to prepare my gear tonight, but there's still a reasonable chance I may wake up at 6.30am and go "NUP"!!

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