Thursday, April 12, 2007

NaPoWriMo 10: Hollow

This one was fun! I was throwing around the words "Hollow man" but nothing was really appealing me, so I googled "hollow" and came across this Wiki entry on hollows, soul devouring ghosts comparable to the vetala of Hindu mythology. from the Manga cartoon "Bleach".

I decided to write a rhyming poem, for probably the first time since primary school. This one is meant to be read loudly and dramatically in front of a camp fire!

The Hollows

When the night is dark
And the moon is red
And furry creatures
Burrow deep in their nests
The hollows come creeping, creeping.

When men venture out
On quests unwise
And souls cry out
To the empty skies
The hollows go feeding, feeding.

Beware the mask
That seeks to eat
That devours itself
With an empty need
The hollows won’t cease
No matter how you scream
Until your soul stops bleeding.

So if you go out
If journey you must
Be sure you travel
With a mortal you trust
And carry a sword
In case a fatal thrust
Is needed to send a hollow earthward

For all creatures that eat
Only in the night
Can never hope
Of earthly delights
And death will come
As blessed release
To those whose hearts are empty.

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