Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Girl Interrupted

It seems that running for an hour on Sunday, a session with Duck on Monday morning and a forty minute run at lunchtime didn't exactly help my poor sacroiliac. The Duck session was primarily upper-body and core, but I don't think the bent over row helped my back at all, and the walking lunges and squats thrown in at the end probably finished things off. I was already hurting before the treadmill run and should have known better, but I ignored the pain that was forming in my knee because I was running five and a half minute kilometres with a degree of effortlessness and low heartrate that I was relishing too much to stop.

Which left me feeling distinctly limpy today, with a sore back and pain radiating from my right glute all the way down the IT band into the knee. I've been here before, and I know how this story goes...

Cue the physio, and I was really asking for trouble because my instructions were to crunch my back and get her elbow stuck into my butt. Which is exactly what I got - 15 or so minutes of writhing on the massage table in absolute agony.

It seems I'm developing some wisdom in my old age, because as much as I wanted to support Duck in RPM tonight I wanted to give my body a chance to recover even more. As much as the voices were screaming 'you're going to put on that weight again, you're going to lose that muscle and you're going to lose your run fitness', the 'you can't keep going because it'll only make your recovery longer' voices were screaming even louder. Not that I'm feeling entirely comfortable with having to take the night off, but I've been rewarded with a night at home on my own, a long bath, candles, insensce, an Age Pryor CD and a good book have gone a long way to compensate.

I'm sure getting back into the pool tomorrow, followed by Body Balance, will go some way to appeasing the exercise bunnies in my brain...

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