Sunday, April 15, 2007

NaPoWriMo 14: Plunge

What was Superman thinking
the first time he discovered
he could fly?

When he jumped off that
tall building was he
in fact thinking that today
was a good day to die?

How inconvenient then to
find yourself souring
not plunging.

How was the connection
between super power and
the power for good
first forged?

Did the weight
of responsibility settle on
iron shoulders like

Or did it pubescent hormones
reason that saving the girl
might mean getting it behind the
gymnasium later that

And anyway,
does saving the cheerleader
really save the world?

(Ok, so I'm really stretching the bounds of credibility with this one. I'll try to take the next poem a bit more seriously, honest. It's just that it's the weekend, the mid-NaPoWriMo fidgets are setting in, and I nearly vomited during today's 10km race, so I have to be forgiven for a certain lack of brevity).

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