Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Child of Earth

Child of earth.
Crawling through
Rows of strawberries
Wrapped in black polythene and
Cradled with straw.
Wandering home
Through tyre ruts and mud.
Sinking then falling
Into coolness and ooze.
Sitting under pine trees
Cleaning garlic as dust
Floats in the
Languid afternoon air.
Chasing eels in secret pools
By a bend in the stream.
Dankness and shadows
Mixing with the perfume
Of wild ginger.

A connection forged of
Dirt and stone,
Grass and twig.
A heart requiring
Air and sunlight
And space
To breathe.

I realised today that I am experiencing everything very physically at the moment. Everything, including memory, is touch, taste and smell. There's something of a reclaimation of self going on. It's not so much that I'm living less in my mind, but that my mind and body are communicating a little better than they used to.

I want to run again. I'm not fully healed, but mentally I'm ready. If the physio says I can, then tomorrow I'll be leaving her office and going straight to the treadmill.

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