Friday, August 18, 2006

My first Poetry Thursday post...

This week we had the freedom to post anything we wanted. I did originally write a poem about freedom itself, or rather, freedom of choice. It struck me at the time that the fact that I could sit there and ponder choice in itself meant that I am leading an incredibly privileged life.

However sitting at my desk yesterday the elements hit me. Wellington City, so often my muse, struck again. The sun moved around and shone through the full length window in front of my desk, and that unmistakable feeling of spring reverberated through my body. Then, walking to the bus stop shortly after 6.30am this morning, it was so light that I didn't need to use my cellphone's torch. That, followed by another perfect Wellington day, led me to distraction from the final draft of a business impact assessmentI was supposed to be completing, and ended with the creation of the first poem I will post to the Poetry Thursday blog.

It's a rushed work, not my strongest work, but it's postable, and that's what matters! So without further ado ...

Wellington Spring

Earth turns the corner into spring;
And instinct switches on the rejuvenation button.
Wellingtonians on their lunch break feel the
Nerves in their spine tingle,
The hairs on their arms
Dance in preparation for the
Cycle of growth about to begin.
Before long every cell has
Switched into fast forward.
The public servants' brains register an
Exquisite sense of anticipation -
Opiates for the mammalian,
Cuing up a call to romance,
Love, adore, frolic, caress,
Luxuriate in new warmth
And renewal.
It is time for life.


Jemima said...

I'm such a northern hemispherist, it's incomprehensible to my mind that Antipodean spring happens during my autumn. Then again I don't believe in time zones either, so it should come as no surprise ;-)

Anyway, now I'm depressed that the hints of Autumn I've been trying to ignore are not anything to rejoice about :-( Thank you, I think.

twitches said...

Lots of rejoicing poetry this morning. A joy to read first thing in the AM before work - thanks for posting.

Sacred Suzie said...

This poem has awoken my senses. There is a vibrancy that lives here in your words. Bravo!

jim said...

I love the phrase "opiates for the mammalian," that we are such sensual-loving creatures in our hairy skins. Happy spring time!