Sunday, August 27, 2006

You know you're a mad runner when...

  • You get up at 6am on a wet Saturday morning to do a one hour powerbag workout at the gym with your running group;
  • You follow that session with a 35 minute run in TORRENTIAL rain; and
  • You add in another 15 minutes on a crosstrainer, despite being soaked, because you didn't complete your full homework run.
Note: This photo was taken by a Wellington photographer, Phillip in December, but captures the essence of what it was like to run outside today. Bloody insane in other words!

The three highlights of today's run were the bemused looks on the faces of people passing by all rugged up against the elements, the knowing smiles from the two other runners I passed, and the sheer freedom and nuttiness about being out there in what must have been one of the heaviest downpours this year. I had on a short pair of running tights, a short sleeved polyprop, and a t-shirt. I elected not to wear a rain parker because it wasn't that cold and I prefer to get wet than overheat. Add to that no hat (and thank goodness for contact lenses), and I was about as exposed to the elements as it was possible to get.

Running in the rain is FUN. So is being dedicated enough to actually get out there and do it. Splashing through puddles and feeling the rain trickle down the backs of my legs has never been so rewarding. Peeling off sodden running tights and jumping into a blisteringly hot shower was pretty satisfying too...

I LOVE running, because I've proven to myself that I can do it. This is a whole side of me I've always wanted to own. Roll on 15 October (half marathon d-day).

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