Monday, August 14, 2006

Moments from a weekend:

8.00am Saturday morning, running around the Bays with Sarah and the Jog Squad. Feeling how much better my injury is, feeling like I'm getting strong again. Enjoying the beautiful morning - the calm harbour, the cool air. Turning back to the gym and finishing up on the cross trainer, chatting to Dale. Watching Sollie and the other Combat trainers teaching the new release with the volume up and the studio pumping, wishing I had enough time to join in. Having a long hot shower, followed by baked beans on toast at the Les Mills cafe. Jumping in my car and driving to Taranaki.

2.00pm Saturday afternoon, sitting in my sister's warm little Lockwood on the cliffs above Middleton Beach in Opunake, sipping tea and looking out at the ocean as a squall blows through. Enjoying the carpet and the wood and the quiet.

6.00 Saturday night in Stratford, eating a roast chicken dinner, followed by apple pie, and drinking Chardonnay. Staying up till late talking with my parents and sister and watching interesting documentaries on tv while a hot fire blazes. Sinking into a soft futon with feather duvet and hot water bottle and dropping into a deep sleep.

1.00pm Sunday, sitting in Dad's car parked outside the mountain house on Mt Taranaki/Egmont watching snow falling because it's too cold to get out. Convincing him NOT to drive up the mountain when the advise given by the mountain staff is that chains or a four wheel drive are needed to go any further.

5.00pm Sunday, watching the Tararuas writhe in the mellow sunlight as I approach the Kapiti Coast. Listening to Piglet purring as she flies over the tarseal. Feeling the energy from the South Island as I drive towards Wellington, and the sense of being nearly home.

6.00pm Sunday, emerging from Ngauranga Gorge and marking the small Wellington sign as the city opens up in front of me. Arriving home to hugs from Hamish and cuddles from Gaffer. Enjoying a glass of Fiddleback and more chicken for dinner, before surfing through several new and interesting blogs.

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