Sunday, August 27, 2006

While I remember, just how do people with the IQ of National MP Bob Clarkson get into politics? And who on earth votes for them? Okay, this is Tauranga we're talking about, but really?! So exactly where is the country of Islam, Mr Clarkson? While we're at it, if you have an issue with gays and lesbians 'shoving it down your throat' (unfortunate terminology), do you then also object to the public display of affection between heterosexuals? And why should my gay friends not be able to express their love for each other in public when you're perfectly comfortable with discussing your testicles with poor unsuspecting, and certainly less-than-impressed women?

Why is a nun wearing her 'habbitat' (oh, come on!) fitting in, when someone in a burkqa isn't? Couldn't someone hide a gun under a habit? Or under a long woollen coat either for that matter. Should every shivering Wellingtonian be made to go around wearing close-fitting clothing, to ensure that they're not packing a hidden weapon?

If only trying to debate with someone like Mr Clarkson on these issues weren't so pointless as to be boring.

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john said...

International reaction to MP Bob - Iranian Leader says NZ MP 'Good Joker'
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