Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gratitude #35

I love early autumn. I love when the air is just cool enough to be crisp, where a long-sleeved merino under a long t-shirt feels cosy but not too cold or too warm. I love it when it's cool enough that my body slows down enough to feel ok about curling on the sofa. I love sitting here with our view over the mountains, Berhampore, Newtown and the Eastern suburbs. From here I can see the wind blowing in the Norfolk pine in our neighbours' garden. I can see clouds skudding through the sky - sometimes grey and threatening rain, sometimes clearing to a surprisingly clear blue. I can hear the odd wind gust in the line of trees along the northern side of our house behind me. In the study I can hear Hamish listening to a podcast while he plays some online game. The cats wander in and out and claim their little bit of lap space. On this slightly cool day my mental faculties feel refreshed. I indulge in a book of Barbara Kingsolver essays and the occasional TED talk. We have done our quota of housework for the weekend and there is nowhere I need to be, nothing I particularly need to be doing. Earlier today I planted out some cauliflower seedings into our garden. Now I sip on a glass of red wine, which warms me with its berry notes and its ruby tone.

Today I am grateful for idleness.


sas said...

whenever i am homesick for welly, the city i remember is in autumn.
you describe it so beautifully.

Pip said...

Thanks Sas. I'll have to put some photos up for you, when I finally get around to transfering the photos on my old iBook to my new Mac. It's probably about time I took my camera out really, and captured a few new ones.