Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gratitude #32

I spent today feeling extremely conflicted. It was a gorgeous autumn day, the kind of day which should not be spent in an office or on the sofa. I had a bag full of running gear, but I was afraid to use it.

Two things finally tipped the balance. Firstly, I had a follow up appointment with my new optometrist and we redid the test I did with him three weeks ago. That showed that the light box I have been using is working, and my field of vision is greatly improved.

The second thing that tipped the balance was my friend Sarah urging me via email to get out there. If it weren't for her I would have just given in and gone home. Thanks Sass!

So after work I put on my running gear in a toilet cubicle at my office. The second I put my gear on I felt like I was coming home. I felt a little joy rising inside me just from the very act of dressing.

I grabbed my iPod with the first Couch 2 Five K podcast on it and headed down to the waterfront. The instructions were to walk for five minutes, followed by eight one minute running intervals with ninety second rests in between.

Today I was grateful for rediscovering lost territory. Today I saw poems from a poet's walk exhibition. I saw the Len Lye wind wand, and it sprayed water on me. I saw ducks, lined up in a row on a wall by Waitangi park, and swimming in the pond by Te Papa. I saw other runners, I saw two buoys with shark fins attached. I saw a kayak class. I saw a little sand-covered terrier running along the sand of Oriental Bay. I saw cyclists. I saw the Bluebridge Ferry heading out.

I ended up not sticking to the podcast's instructions. I was enjoying the music too much and marveling at how good I felt when I was moving, as opposed to when I sit or stand still. The more surprised and pleased I was, the more I wanted to run. Although I didn't today, I'm confident I could still run an easy 5k.

All of this makes me happy. All of this I am grateful for today.

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Sass said...

Welcome back Mad Dog:D