Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gratitude #30

Today I'm grateful for finally having the nerve to put my new glasses on, and for them not being anywhere near as difficult to adjust to as I was expecting. I'm grateful for all the issues that kept firing themselves at me today. I'm grateful for the 300m run in a long dress and high heeled boots, with bags over my shoulder, that got me to the bus just in time. Even if it did leave me panting much more than it should have done. That little sprint may just have convinced me I can try running again after all.

I'm grateful for all the usual things - especially food and wine. I'm always grateful for food and wine! I love having my appetite back. I missed it.

Today, most of all, I'm grateful for friends.


Mike said...

Bug thumbs up for the running!!! :)

leonie said...

today, i am grateful for YOU...

for email conversations that keep me out of bed tempting me with houses on the sunny side of the street with wonderful views down into the valley, within spitting distance (or stumbling distance after too many wines) of my friends.