Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gratitude #11

Today I'm grateful for making my way through a full day at work. I'm grateful again for a beautiful late summer/early winter day. I'm grateful that Hamish is gaving a good time in Sydney, that my cold is easing up, and that Tissy woke me when she came in at 3a.m. so that I could catch her mouse and take it outside. I'm grateful for the fact that I already have plans for both days this weekend.


Mike said...

Nice positive spin!

Most people would see that as a bad day.

Another bl@@dy day at work, summer is disapearing and soon it'll be freezing cold. Their partner is away (again!) and they still have that damn cold ... and they were woken up at THREE A.M. by the bl@@dy cat with ANOTHER mouse ... and to top it all off it's such a busy weekend that there's no time for rest.

I like your way of thinking much better!

Pip said...

Come to think of it, you're right! I guess it might not immediately seem like a great day. See, one thing being unwell has taught me is that I REALLY like my job, and catching the mouse meant not finding more dead bits in a few days. Hamish away means I can chill out on my own a bit, and autumn means stable weather.

Though Tissy did lose a gecko in the bedroom a couple of hours ago and I can't find it, so there may still be more dead things in my future, and I'm still hunting down an odour in the hallway. I think it's coming from behind the wall unit so I need H to get home so he can help me move it. Got to love those cats ...

Don't spose you saw Campbell Live tonight? There was an item on a guy who's doing Ironman this weekend. A few years ago he was in a coma and couldn't even swallow. I've seen him running round Wellington with a limp and wondered what his story was. Now I'm just inspired!

Mike said...

We saw our first gecko in the garden the other day. Not sure I'd like a dead one in the bedroom :)

Didn't see Campell Live. would have liked to have seen that. Maybe it's on internet. I'll have a look.

Joining me for Ironman 2012 then? ... when my family abandon me for the UK? :)haha

Pip said...

With all the bush around here we do have quite a few geckos. They creep me out a bit to be honest. I know they shouldn't but they do.

As for 2012, I'm trying not to put pressure on myself by setting athletic goals just now. I do have more basic health goals though, so I'm not letting myself off the hook!