Sunday, May 13, 2007

Winter continued...

My walk today took me from the high ridge at the Southern end of Kingston, all the way down to the Southern Coast. Although it is winter, Wellington was in a gentle, meditative frame of mind.

Pencarrow sat slumbering under benevolent clouds.

Everywhere families made the most of the forgiving weather conditions.

Owhiro Bay chanted mantras quietly to itself as the sun marked time and waves breathed in and out.

Happy Valley continued to cheerfully incline upwards to the suburban oasis that is Brooklyn.

Nature continued to mark the seasons,

its mood changing with the light as the sun shifted in and out of passing clouds.

Nature merged with suburbia, with neither winning the battle for dominance.

But the better part of the city knew that its only hope for a continued existence was to work in tandem with nature.

So nature decided to be kind and let us stay on for another day.

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Catherine said...

This brings back memories - but where is Tawatawa Ridge in the previous post?