Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cute confused furry animals

Emo-Cat keeps wandering inside and looking at us with big, wide and confused eyes. He didn't come to bed last night and we find ourselves wondering where he was holed up while it poured outside.

In the spare bedroom the sheets have been stripped from the bed. The pillows are stacked awaiting pillow cases and the duvet is folded neatly at the foot.

We sit in the lounge doing human stuff. Emo appears and stands in front of us. He watches silently for a moment, then lets out a single, plaintive and very distinct Burmese 'meeoooow'. All we can do is shrug our shoulders and say:

What? It wasn't our fault they left. We didn't kick them out. Don't blame us!

In response Emo turns around and wanders off again, searching for who knows what? No wonder the vet recommended kitty prozac...

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