Friday, May 25, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Not a team player!

Winter has hidden today
behind the Tinakori hills.
and the observatory is thrusting
its chest into a sky so
blue that you could almost
imagine it to be solid.
Start running up Bowen Street,
turning left and placing one
foot in front of another until
you reach the entrance of
the Botanical Gardens.
Circle once around the
duck pond for luck, then
climb past the old pines,
skip triumphant down the
steps through the herb garden,
and weave around pensioners
sniffing the roses.
Check your pulse and your
resolve then climb again
up through the Serpentine
path, shoes crunching softly
on the curving trail.
Are you feeling strong today?
Do you want a challenge?
Climb again if you wish.
Your breath will clutch
more firmly at your chest.
Your calves will burn and
your quads will whine.
Distract yourself by
dodging small children
and admiring the harbour
as it imitates the sky
to your East.
Remind yourself why
you live here as you turn
and lope easily back down
through the cemetery,
across the motorway and
back to your office.

I was trying to finish my poem inspired by last week's Poetry Thursday prompt, at the same time planning to do a little more research on dialogue poems, but I'm still on an endorphin high from yesterday's run, and so I had to get this out of the way first!

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Catherine said...

I always enjoy seeing your Wellington photos