Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Real Duathlon More Photos

The girls - Mum, Sarah and I. I can't believe we ended up with consecutive race numbers. My hair looks a mess in this shot already and the event hasn't even started. I mean - I know it was windy, but come on! Either I'm going to have to take some hair styling tips from my mother or go the bandanna route like Sarah!

Lovely Lola, racked and waiting (bike 555 midshot). I have to admit to a pang of anxiety having to leave her there overnight, not for fear of rain or theft, but because when we left the wind was blowing the bike racks in all directions!

A nice shot of Dad, waiting for us all in the cold and on bag minding duty.

No official photos up on Smileclick yet. Waiting waiting!

On Duck's instructions I took today off, other than an excellent Body Balance with Mike. After all, Body Balance doesn't count! I forced myself to leave my running shoes at home. I was feeling much recovered after a decent night's sleep and it was another of those perfect Wellington winter days, ideal for running. I knew if I had my running gear with me that I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation.

A run with the Squad tomorrow, and two thirty-five minute homework runs on Thursday and Friday (plus a Body Balance, plus a Duck Session, plus RPM), and then a Jog Squad run on Saturday morning, rounded off by 15 minutes of recovery run on Sunday. Might have to follow that up with the oft-talked about but not yet accomplished return to the pool.

The physio told me that my body's been too busy fighting off this UTI to put any energy into recovering from my injury, and that all the other stress I've been under has exacerbated the situation. She's confident that with my antibiotics finishing tomorrow and the pressure coming off that I'm going to be on the mend again. I hope so. I'm sick of being achy!

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