Friday, May 25, 2007


Tagged by Leonie... Here we go:

4 jobs I have held:

  1. strawberry picker: during my first university summer break. We picked strawberries from Labour Weekend in October right through till April. It was the longest strawberry season on record, and it took a whole year for my 'strawberry picker tan' (lines where my shirt rode up my back and where my shorts ended) to fade. Not to mention the damage it did to my back...
  2. Pizza Hut kitchen hand: back in the days where we used to cook fish, steak and cheese meals, cook fries, prepare soup and entrees and salads, and at the same time keep dishes moving through the dishwasher, whilst trying to prep for the next day. I used to work an eight hour shift without a break, in a kitchen where the temperature sat at around 40 degrees. When I wasn't being bullied by inept managers on a power trip, screaming at the waitresses, being screamed at by waitresses or kicking the wall in frustration I had a blast. I loved that job really
  3. Book store sales drone: I started out handing out discount vouchers in a santa suit for Whitcoulls, got promoted to a full-time holiday job in the general books section, and later worked during summer breaks for London Books as a paperback buyer and duty manager. I still have a lot of random books in my collection that were given to me as reading copies. Once again, when I wasn't being bullied by inept managers I loved that job...
  4. Data-entry drone: I worked for a while as a data-entry clerk for a coupon promotions company. I got really quick at typing and knew where every suburb was in every town in New Zealand, and what data-entry code that corresponded to. I learned all of the ins and outs of a very cantakerous database system, and worked with some very sweet people (one of whom was the first to find out about my engagement, and talked my heart-rate down to a normal level). It fitted in perfectly around my study, and paid reasonably well.

4 movies I can watch over and over:

  1. Magnolia: Just beautiful
  2. American Beauty: Ditto
  3. Donnie Darko (both versions)
  4. 12 Monkeys: focus!

4 places I have lived:

  1. Henderson Valley, Waitakere City
  2. Ede, Gelderland, Holland (on student exchange)
  3. Ponsonby, Auckland (our first apartment together)
  4. Mornington, Wellington (home sweet home)

4 Categories of TV programming I enjoy:
I dont' really think I could list four 'categories' of programming as such. I don't watch television, although Hamish and I do have some programmes we download and watch:

  1. Heroes (sigh, season 1 has just finished)
  2. Dr Who (I thought it would be impossible to replace Chris Eccleston and Billy Piper, but thankfully I was mistaken)
  3. ER
  4. Desperate Housewives

4 Places I have been on Holiday:

  1. Paris
  2. Sydney (on our honeymoon)
  3. The Grand Chateau, National Park (also on our honeymoon)
  4. Lushington's Bay, Banks Peninsula (Hamish's family have a holiday home there)

4 of my Favorite Dishes:

  1. chicken risotto
  2. chicken teriyaki on rice
  3. Szichuan chilli tofu from Shanghai Restaurant
  4. Mrs Mac's chilli cheese pies (only after a long run, with cider)

4 websites I visit daily:
(i only really have three)

  1. Google Reader (thanks Leonie, it's a life saver)
  2. The Cool Running forums
  3. Digg. Yeah, I know, predictable. But Google Reader means I don't have to go that far from home.

4 places I would rather be right now:
As Leonie said, I'm quite happy being where I am, but other places I would like to be include:

  1. dancing in the sun to Paddy Free or Adham Sheik at Canaan Downs
  2. Lying in a fire bath near the Riwaka Resurgence.
  3. Sitting on the veranda at the Lushingtons Bay holiday home with a glass of chardonnay watching for Hector's Dolphins and waving at the tourist boats.
  4. Sitting in Joosje, my host mother's kitchen in Holland, reading a good book while coffee brews in the perculator.

love to do in my spare time:

  1. run (duh)
  2. read
  3. write poetry
  4. go on adventures around Wellington


1. Sarah
2. Deborah
3. Anyone else who wants to join in. Most of you have been tagged already!

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