Monday, May 07, 2007

The Trainer Hath Spoken

The sum of the aftermath of the last few weeks has been greater than its parts. Physically, mentally and emotionally I am wrung out. I had this crazy idea that I was going to have a 'hard' week of training this week, that I was going to reintroduce commitment and discipline, that I was going to do an upper body weights session, a lower body session, a Duck session, all my Jog Squad and homework runs, and chuck in some Body Balance classes and RPM as well.

Unfortunately I've underestimated the effect of having a constant stream of people in and out of the house, a persistent urinary tract infection, several events, varying levels of medication, a new role at work and the constant pressure I put on myself.

I did get up this morning and do my upper body routine. I'd vaguely promised myself I would drop the reps, but of course once I was at the gym I did the whole thing. My only concession was to drop the weight on the cable and do slightly fewer chin raises.

I met up with the Squad tonight, and even managed to run with the speedies for a good 15 minutes. If I'd been fresh I could have kept going. But I was bone tired and mentally the tenacity was just not there. I only backed the pace off slightly, but it was enough for the front pack to get away from me. At my slightly reduced pace I kept running, kept the glutes engaged, and continued to feel strong. I guess I should feel happy about that. But I wasn't as fast as I could have been.

I wanted to go home. In fact I was desperate to go home. As I waited for the bus afterwards I was fantasizing about walking through the front door, sitting down with Hamish, drinking cider, eating a big bowl of pasta and watching the latest episode of Heroes. Which, once I got home, is what I did.

Duck (who is probably reading this, since I sent her a link to this blog, if she hasn't already Googled it already anyway) has ordered me to take tomorrow off. If she hadn't (thanks, by the way) I would have been dragging myself off to do a lower body workout in the morning, then heading out for a short run tomorrow night. Instead I'm planning on treating myself to V's Balance class at 11.15, then going home straight after work, cooking Hamish and I a nice dinner and crashing.

Sleep is screaming for attention. I am going to sign off, shower and fall into oblivion. Right now!

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chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog ... I have enjoyed returning the favour and catching up with you and your news. I am amazed at you energy! You manage to pack so much into your days - and all that running! You certainly deserve to have a day off - enjoy it and luxuriate in some 'me' time.