Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why I love Wellington

Here, courtesy of Nic, is why I love Wellington. This was the view from Nic's office window yesterday. The Orongorongo mountains are in the distance, with Frank Kitts park and the wharf at the bottom of the photograph, with Roseneath and Pt Jerningham off to the right. A regular running squad training session would involve intervals in front of Frank Kitts, or a stamina session around the bays.

Now one from our place. This was taken from our East-facing veranda in Mornington at around 7.30am on the same day. Again, the Orongorongos are in the distance. The houses in the middle of the shot are in Newtown. Also in the middle of the photo is a small flat patch of green grass. That's the top of the hill I wrote about a few posts ago, where I was passed by a woman who had just run up the path behind me. I drove past on Sunday, and the hill seemed tiny after Mt Vic!

Another shot taken from our veranda, this time looking South across the bottom of our neighbours' gardens. You can see how lovely and green it is. I don't think it's really visible in this shot, but there's a sliver of Cook Strait in the distance.

The great sunshine lasted all day, although the wind got up a bit. It was sunny for most of today today as well, but by mid afternoon the rain had kicked in and the temperatures had plummeted. It is spring after all.

Also on the positive side, I had a fantastic Body Balance class today. I really feel like my body is lengthening out in the forward folds now, and my downward dogs are getting better and better. The balance on the right side is still atrocious though. I will get the physio to do a general 'state of the nation' check on me tomorrow before I go running tomorrow night...

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