Thursday, September 14, 2006

Broken Pip

And it's all my fault. My knee hasn't been right since storming down Mt Vic on the weekend.

I had a physio session yesterday, with some ultrasound on my knee to help break up the inflamation. Ironically my back and butt are now feeling really good. By last night and a couple of applications of anti-inflam cream my knee was feeling ok. This morning it was still a little stiff, but not too bad. There was never a question of doing interval training last night - it would have been madness.

Unfortunately it was perfect running weather this morning. By that I don't just mean it was a nice morning. It was one of those 'you'd be mad not to miss it' mornings. Well, the physio said I could run today if I was feeling okay. I spent some time warming up on a crosstrainer and watching a really obese woman walking slowly on a treadmill, wondering why the heck she didn't just go for a walk outside and actually enjoy herself.

Though I was still harbouring doubts about the wisdom of running, Duck greeted me with "so, are you ready for a run?" and it was all on. As we were leaving the gym I had the satisfaction of running past one of the EAs at work. It's nice to be seen out and about! Ok, so I'm still a recognition junkie...

We ran up Molesworth, down Tinakori, along Thorndon Quay, and around the waterfront. Right on 15 minutes my usual 'difficult patch' kicked in. I had felt like I was flying, then suddenly I was crawling. We kept going regardless, turning at the Rowing Club and returning to the gym. We ran for just on half an hour, and did slightly over 5km. Not bad given that I felt like I was plodding for the last half and felt a bit queasy for a while. It's the whole 'running in the morning when you're usually an evening runner' thing. Well, the half starts at 9am so I'd better get used to it. As long as I get up early enough, eat a good breakfast, and take my meds early enough I should be fine.

The aftermath of the run has not been good. For a while there today I was really hobbling. Now I've just got a bit of an ache, but the IT band has spasmed up halfway up my thigh. I've had another go with the foam roller tonight and I'll rub on some more anti-inflam before bed. I'm not running until Wednesday now, given that the problem is not my fitness level but getting my poor body to the starting line. I am still going to do RPM in the morning, but I'll have to keep the resistance really light. I'll do some yoga over the weekend, and spend some time in the Sanctuary.

Michelle, if you read this, I had meant to say that I've done a lot of work to strengthen my quads. Duck's a really good trainer, and she and I spent a month or so focusing specifically on quad strength before shifting the focus to my core strength. I can leg press more than some of her male clients, and I'm 5' 4 and weigh 57kg, so I'm a fair bit smaller than them as well! This really is all a result of my hips being all out of alignment, and because I've pushed myself so hard to get from not being able to run in February to doing huge hill runs.

I've booked our accommodation in Masterton for the half in October. Now I just need to send in my entry form. I've also just found out that there's no Special K duathlon next year. I'm really disappointed, as I was looking forward to smashing this year's time. Fitter, faster, stronger and nearly 10kg lighter. It would have been a blast! Oh well, I pretty much remember the route, so I guess I could do a mock duathlon of my own.

Oh, and I think I just gave Duck an idea for a really gnarly long weekend run. Allie, Sarah - think up Adelaide Rd all the way to Island Bay, around the Southern Coast, up the long slow climb through Happy Valley to Brooklyn, down the hill on the other side, and back to the gym.
I might head out in my car this weekend to measure the distance. If I get too tired on the day I can always peel off back home when I get to Brooklyn!

No poetry today. I may go through my study and see if I can pull out someone else's poem to publish. I've been too distracted with training to sit down and focus on my writing. Naughty Pip.

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