Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Urk. 70 minutes of solo plodding around the waterfront completing my homework run. The lungs - easy. The legs - shot! My aim for the day - simply to keep moving, never mind the speed. That strategy thankfully worked. Other than a quick water stop at Baleana and a 30 second walk to stretch a cramped foot near Te Papa I kept up the same slow but steady jog the whole way. The mental dialogue was good as well - no begging to stop, just grim determination. It's a little humiliating to be running at a pace not much faster than the Loaded Hog walkers, but there you go. Yesterday I was the 'caning it queen'. Tomorrow I'm doing intervals. Time, not distance or speed, was the aim of the day, and I got there. Another run closer to the half marathon. Learning to keep going when the legs are dead is surely another important part of the lesson.

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