Sunday, September 10, 2006

If I write it, it will be so

My half marathon is on 15 October. Last night I drank a bottle of cider and two cocktails. Today I've had two bottles of cider (and too much dark chocolate). The chocolate I'm not so worried about. I very rarely eat chocolate. However I feel like I'm drinking too much at the moment. All those empty calories keep translating themselves into Weight Watchers points in my mind. It's also possible it could be damaging to to my running performance.

I've decided that, from 15 September I'm giving up alcohol for a month. No more quenching, cold Brightstone Dry after a long run. I won't drink again until after the half. Yes, that does give me a couple of nights to finish off the last of the cider. However it also means I won't be able to touch the lovely Fiddleback wine we have stashed in three places around the house.

I won't be able to drink at my sister's 30th birthday either. Is that ok Shaz? Anyway, what ARE we doing for your celebration?

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