Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thursday on a Wednesday

Tomorrow's my one night at home with Hamish this week, so seeing as this was ready I thought I'd post it today.

Today was a little frustrating really. I'm someone who tends to make their mind up about something fairly quickly. I don't spend a lot of time revisiting my decisions. I don't do a lot of editing of my poetry, nor drafts of the papers I write in my role as a Business Analyst. Something comes out, and bar a little tinkering around the edges it's generally complete. So today's process of putting a Ministerial Submission I'd drafted out for comment and having several people humming and hahing and messing around while the deadline edged ever closer was extremely irritating. Generally I just accept that this is a part of my job, and just deal with it. My tolerance levels were slightly lower than usual.

By the time I left work it was nearly 6 and I was more than ready to bang out some of my frustrations on the pavement. 20 minutes of going hard, flying around the Bays from Te Papa past Pt Jerningham and back did just the trick. When I want to I can go quite fast!

It also helped to know I had this little poem germinating in my Googlemail inbox. Even though it's nearly my bed time already (and, quite appropriately, I've only just finished dinner) I thought I'd take the time to put it online.

On the way to the gym tonight I saw a blackboard outside a Wishbone store with a fantastic quip written on it. The blackboard read "Seeing is deceiving, tasting is believing". It all seemed rather appropriate really. So, without further ado:

I reach up and taste you
With my eyes.
I lick your arms
Flavoured with salt from
SundayƂ’s roast chicken.
Your hair brushes my lips
With a hint of strawberry.
My tongue traces
Channels of melted chocolate
Along the veins of your neck.
I eat the sight of you,
Digest your concentrated
Essence with a hunger
Bourne of possession.
You are the after-dinner mint
Of my vision's desire.

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