Friday, September 15, 2006

What's Missing?

I've been thinking a bit this week about how, although I'm really enjoying all the training I'm doing at the moment, it isn't leaving a lot of time for the other parts of my life. If I join both the next Jog Squad and Women's Multis that means I'll be training four nights a week, plus one day a week at the Sanctuary. That means no time for art lessons, and no meditation evenings.

I really haven't had any writing inspiration lately. I think all my mental energy has been going into my running. I've been a little one dimensional. This week's Poetry Thursday challenge was to write in a different voice. I liked the idea, but I just couldn't pull myself together to actually do it.

So instead I decided to give some time to seeking meditation inspiration instead. I found this poem, written by Buddhist teacher Christopher Titmuss. It's very simple, but I like the intention behind it.


I vow to remember that today is a new day
Full of new beginnings and fresh moments
Today, I will not cling to events of yesterday nor yesteryear
But stay connected with what today brings.
I will not madly pursue my desires at the expense of others
Nor flee from challenging tasks.
I will remain true to the unfolding process of today
Without losing myself in thoughts of what was or what might be.
I will treat today with awareness and sensitivity
Even in the most ordinary of tasks.
I will apply myself wholeheartedly to the fullness of today
For I know that today holds the resource for authenticity.

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