Friday, September 08, 2006

Poetry Thursday: Blue

Yesterday's Poetry Thursday inspiration was the topic 'blue'. Given that I've been thinking about home lately I thought I would continue the domestic theme and write about my bluest room - our bathroom.

Incidentally, this photo was taken before we went unconditional on the purchase of our house, so the towels and bath mat aren't ours. I've been looking through all the photos we took thinking "this is our house, but it's not our house". It's so weird seeing our place with someone else's stuff in it. The woman who lived here before us had moved here from England, and my main impression looking back is that we have a lot more clutter! Although I guess if I were setting my house up for an open day I would hide a lot of the day to day detritus I can see littering the lounge at this moment.


My bathroom is a shocking shade
of blue that catches visitors’ breath
as they swing open the door.
The paint extends the whole way up
the walls and covers the ceiling,
which in the narrow high room
serves only to amplify the effect.
The light coming from the one small window
is quickly captured and beaten into
submission and the room seems dark
even in the middle of the day.

When I moved here I planned
to paint it a more acceptable shade of eggshell
but the colour has grown
on me. I lie in the bath and pretend
I am at the bottom of some deep swimming
pool. I imagine I am curled up within
the lustre of a paua shell.

This room will never win any design awards
but its character has earned it the right to
a prolonged existence so I continue
to surprise my guests with the richness of
the palette of the place where
I live.

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Michelle Fry said...

It cool that the blue allows you to lie in the bath and imagine you are in the ocean.

I'm glad you stopped by my blog. It's fun to discover a fellow writer/runner. I don't get enough time to read other people's blog because I have a long commute to work during the week which, combined with running takes most of my time but I'm going to add you to my blog roll so that I remember to stop by here when I can.