Thursday, April 01, 2010

NaPoWriMo # 1

I can't believe I'm doing this, but here goes ....

Finally, my
sister madly,
found her premonition
was not so true.
The voices in her head
woke up the dead.
They dug up
something buried in
her head.
Strangers were
banging on her wall
from dusk and till dawn.
She found herself smiling.
Outside the shit was
coming down.
Unable to explain
she could not risk
her neck again.
Outside there were
four seasons in
one day, blood
like rain.
She could make no
predictions, there
was only the
immediate pain
of sleeping on her
unmade bed.
The voices in her head
spoke to her, asked
how she felt, was her
love real, then they
told her they
believed in her.
They drove her from
her town and
she knew she
would be back
no more.
One thousand miles
from home she still
believed. My
sister madly, she
believed in the dead,
and the premonitions,
and the fools, and
the dawn, and
her heart.
And finally, when
there was nowhere
else for her to go,
where she could fee
safe and sound,
she lay in the land.
She lay in
the land.
She found her name.
She found where
she belonged.
She rolled home.

This is very much a 'found' poem, in that many of the lyrics are directly from, or barely adapted from, the lyrics of the songs themselves. This was an interesting experience as the songs on my iPod at the moment are those that my husband loaded for me during my hospital visit in December. As such they were songs he knew I would like, but not ones that I had loaded myself. They were all fairly safe bets though!

NaPoWriMo #1 done and dusted.

Here are the tracks:

Sister Madly (Crowded House, live recording from the Recurring Dream album)
Dusk Till Dawn (Ladyhawke)
Four Seasons in One Day (another Crowded House track)
I Believe in You (Cat Power)
Lie in the Land (Fly My Pretties - another NZ band)


Rob Kistner said...

The final passage of this piece moved me a great deal, very bittersweet in it's sense of relief, of resolve -- well written...
Image & Verse

Anonymous said...

Nice take on the prompt.
I like the end especially

one more believer said...

sisters are everything... and the observation of her journey was everything.... thank you for sharing day 1... isn't it cool how the songs make music in our head...

flaubert said...

Nicely done! An enjoyable read!