Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gratitude #48

Today I'm grateful for escaping a cold, overcast and windy Wellington for warm and sunny Paraparaumu. I got to sit on the side of the airfield while Hamish got three more glider flights under his belt. He's at the point where he's having to learn some scary stuff now. Today he was practising stalling (nose down plummeting towards the ground, gulp), and stalling while banking, then recovering. Today nearly made him vomit again!

Apparently he gets to practice pulling out of a spin next. Er, rather him than me.

Today I'm also grateful that the tow plane broke down AFTER his third flight, and before it took off with a first-time passenger in the glider. Poor guy had to go home without his flight.

We had a beautiful drive home with the setting sun turning the surrounding hills flame orange, gold and apricot. When we got home it was still cold but the weather had improved somewhat. All the same, it's pyjama weather!

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