Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gratitude #47

Today I'm grateful for waking up in time to wake H up so that he wasn't late for work. I'm grateful that it was such a nice day that I couldn't bear to stay inside. My running gear was at work so I stopped in at the office and got changed then headed out for a run. Today I ran while listening to Pitch Black on the iPod.

It was a stunning day today and a great day to be outside. There was no wind and the sky was cloud free. The fountain was spraying water in Oriental Bay and there were kayakers everywhere. The water was so clear that I could see the bottom for several metres out.

I walked down to the Meridian building then started running. I made it to Herd Street before I felt a 'ping' and felt a certain slumping feeling. One of my bra straps had come unhooked! I slowed to a walk and ducked into the toilets at Oriental Bay to put it back in place then started running again.

I ran round to Maidevale Rd then up and over and down Carlton Gore. I walked one tiny little stretch half way up but didn't really need to. It was a psychological thing. I wanted to take it easy on myself!

Once I got back to Freyberg I stopped to walk again planning to finish my run there. However that didn't last long as I wasn't really in the mood to walk. I started running again and picked up the pace till I was back at the Meridian building again. It was hot and I was sweaty and I even got a little sun burned, but I was happy.

I stopped off quickly at the NW Metro in the railway station then jumped on a bus home, ate left-over Channa Masala, showered, drank a cider and messed about the house for the rest of the afternoon. My metabolism went a little crazy on me and I wanted to inhale everything in sight but I limited myself to a little fruit.

Today I am grateful for running again!

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