Friday, April 09, 2010

Gratitude #46

Today I'm grateful for my A & E visit. There was only one other person in the waiting room when I got there and I was taken to a cubicle within minutes. I was then promptly seen by a nurse, then assessed by a very sweet student doctor. She and another doctor then gave me a good work-up. The student doctor made a bit of a mess of taking my blood, but I didn't hold that against her. I was then taken quickly for a CT scan, where I was able to go straight in and didn't have to wait. The CT scan was very brief and I was then taken straight back to my cubicle. I dozed a bit (yes, actually slept without the aid of sleeping pills), and before long was assured that the scan looked fine and was allowed to go. So, no explanation for the headache, but at least I don't need surgery.

Outside I walked into a wind and cloudfree day. I walked into town for a late lunch then walked to a local fruit shop on Cuba Street. A bus arrived minutes after I got to the Victoria Street bus stop. When I got home Gaffer curled up on my lap and was still there when Hamish arrived home and ordered Indian.

Now I am back waiting for my Neurosurgeon, Neurologist and Opthamologist appointments. I'm grateful for being home tonight and not in a noisy hospital ward.


Mike said...

Glad you were given the all clear. Still think it was worth the visit though. Hope you enjoyed the Indian *jealous*

Anonymous said...

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