Thursday, April 01, 2010

Gratitude #39

I am, once again, grateful for so many things today. So many that bullet points seem appropriate:

  • A full, busy and interesting day at work,
  • Reading - lots of reading,
  • Buses that came early when I was also early,
  • A Cuba street shopping mission,
  • Finding the right t-shirt,
  • A yummy rice roll for lunch,
  • Finding out that a poem I was given wasn't from the person I thought it was, creating more mystery,
  • Bumping into my old PT and agreeing to meet about starting training again,
  • Organising some work-related training, possibly in Auckland,
  • Being told by so many people that I look and sound so much better,
  • Staying at work till late drinking,
  • Eating heaps of potato chips, but everyone else eating just as many,
  • Enjoying the pie I ate when I finally did get home,
  • NaPoWriMo, and five fantastic songs shuffled on my iPod,
  • Gaffer and Tissy both joining me while I was in the shower,
  • Being just drunk enough to indulge in some caring and sharing at work,
  • Project Runway,
  • Weekend plans,
  • Yoga plans,
  • More reading.

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