Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why Does the Girl on the Left Have a Huge Smile on Her Face?

Perhaps because she'd just ridden all the way up to here:

The Hawkins Hill radar station, which is this high up:

I rode up there with these guys:

And with these guys as well:

Here I am smiling in the wind turbine car park, before Dee announced we were going higher. I looked pretty pleased with myself here too!

See, I even took a photo of the turbine to show I'd actually made it up there:

Here's something I learned today. Don't ever think that something isn't possible. You know what? Sometimes it actually is ...

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Pip said...

He, I just realised that I've got a fine bit of Peak Fuel product placement going on in one of those photos!

And just in case Mark is reading - the peanut brownie bars have grown on me, though I prefer them after my ride rather than during. They're a bit too solid during.