Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, this is interesting ...

Was it only yesterday that I felt like I was hitting the wall and complaining about being exhausted?

My knee was still sore this morning. I had only a vague sense of it possibly still being inflamed until I was walking to work from Hill Street, at which point it started to hurt. Reluctantly I had to acknowledge that I wasn't going to be doing anything bike or run related today. It's gotten a bit better as the day has gone on, but I don't think it will be recovered enough to do anything tomorrow. In fact, I think I should wait until Saturday at the earliest before riding again.

After some careful analysis I suspect the pain has arisen from a combination of the two big rides on the weekend, my historically tight shins, calves and ankles, a seat that might possibly be a squidgen too low, and possibly cleats that aren't quite positioned correctly and need more float. I really hope it's not the seat. I've really been enjoying my ride setup and I'm reluctant to raise it again.

In any case, I'm going to see whether the physio agrees with my self-diagnosis tomorrow and beg her for some ultrasound. Interestingly I noticed tonight that there's also a small bruise around where the pain is located. I can't remember smacking my knee on anything, but I tend not to notice that sort of thing so I'm not discounting that possibility either.

What has really astounded me though is how much of a difference taking today off has lifted my energy levels. It's not like I'm tapering for an Ironman and wow, someone might need to lock me up if I ever do. I am buzzing insanely. I keep casting longing, loving looks at Cleo every time I pass her in the hallway. I am fidgety and full of short little bursts of enthusiasm followed by rapid diversions in train of thought. I want to ride. I want to ride badly.

My name is Pip, and yes, I am an addict.


SUB6 said...

well done ... that's the first step :)

Kate said...

Hehe- I have totally been wanting to ride this week too.

Pollyanna_H said...

I looked yesterday (in the half a second glimpse I had) to see if you were limping and was very happy not to see a noticable favouring of the knee!

Sass said...

So have physios commented on your leg tightness in the past? Have you been stretching post cycling?

Pip said...

Well, it seems the exercise withdrawals didn't last long and I slipped today into into a "might as well enjoy the holiday" frame of mind. I'm quite enjoying being lazy!

Polly - you completely caught me by surprise with your lurking, but welcome to my comments space! As you noted, I'm not limping. The physio did the ultrasound thing today, taped my knee and told me to return tomorrow for some more ultrasound. She thinks I'll be fine to ride by Saturday and I'm dutifully swallowing Voltaren. Mind you, she also thinks I'm getting around Taupo in five hours. Uh, yeah right!

Kate - I'll let you know how I feel after Saturday, but if you're going to be at Freyberg anyway I can always meet you there Sunday morning. With my break from training over the last few days I'm feeling less like I need to sleep in.

And Sarah, you see how much time you spend stretching after three plus hours on a bike when there's Parade across the road and you're famished! So, in other words, no, not so much. :)