Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh, what the heck

I am officially declaring. 2009 - I am there.

Kate, I would pin this on you, but I'm going to accept total culpability for this one. The problem is that I've reached a point in my training where I know I can get around the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge just fine. So of course I started thinking today about my next challenge. I couldn't bring myself to get excited about training for a marathon, however I needed a stupidly monumentous goal.

Bike - no problem. Run a half marathon after the bike? Yeah, probably, if I train for it. To go from not being able to swim a length of Freyberg without flippers though to swimming the whole distance in the lake? Now that's the challenge right there.

Not so long ago I could not ride a medium size hill without walking. I could not ride clipless, let alone ride clipless through rush-hour traffic in the centre of town. Not that much longer ago I couldn't run 500 metres without dying.

Liz signed up for the Taupo Round the Lake Challenge despite not having ridden a bike before. I have to keep asking the question - what am I really capable of?

I guess that in just over a year I'll be finding that out!

Is there such a thing as a half-m dot?


Kate said...


I'm now predicting Rotorua marathon 2010, and IMNZ 2011. Just putting it out there.

As for the swim, two words: Barb Watson. Lessons, and a Wednesday squad at Kilbirnie. I LOVE Sarah, but Karori can be a bit of a mish.

YAY! Training buddy :)

Kate said...

PS- Yay for choosing Rotorua!

SUB6 said...

Mad fool! :)