Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I think I may have finally hit the wall. Unable to face getting up to cycle into town the morning after my 100km ride, I put Cleo in the back of the Honda yesterday and got H to drop me off near the office. I planned to either ride with the Capitelles after work, or just ride home, depending on how I felt.

Feeling very tired, to say the least, I was nonetheless on my bike and riding towards Freyberg shortly after 5. By the time I got there however it was all I could do to keep my head down as I passed the group of women and bikes waiting there. My legs were not happy and there was something a little more disturbing happening. My left knee was hurting.

My left knee continued to hurt all the way to Evans Bay, all the way through Kilbirnie to Lyall Bay, and all the way round the coast and up Happy Valley to home. All the same, given how tired I was I was more than happy with my pace. Out of the wind I was flying without effort. Into the wind I was still maintaining around 5km more per hour than I was only a couple of months ago.

It was really only as I was riding up the hill to home into that Northerly that my pace finally fell away. I toiled my way incredibly slowly towards the ridgeline, very happy to finally be at the top. My heartrate never got up there - my legs wouldn't work hard enough to give it a chance! And that knee ...

That knee continued to hurt during RPM this morning, and by the end of class was feeling sore to the touch. Gritting my teeth I cancelled my planned after-work class, though it nearly killed me to do it. I settled for a wonderful Balance class at lunchtime instead.

Whatever is going on I don't think it's IT band related. The pain is on the inner side, just below the kneecap. Here's what I'm hoping. I'm hoping it's just a bit of inflammation from overuse over the last few days. I'm hoping that a rest day tomorrow will settle it down. If not, I have a physio appointment on Thursday anyway.

In my ideal world I still complete the 'hard' homework for this week. To get there however I still have to fit in two RPM classes and a 25-10-25 time trial before Saturday. So it's unlikely to happen. If my knee settles I might at least still be able to fit in a ride (or another RPM if the weather folds). The good thing is that the weather, Northerlies aside, has been wonderful and has really been tempting me to actually get out on my bike after work rather than spin or run.

Now I just need my knee to come right. Please!


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