Friday, August 08, 2008

New Bike

Here we go.

Lola is being replaced by Cleo. I'm being totally selfish. The money I'm spending on Cleo could totally be spent on a new hot water cylinder, or under-floor insultation, or a holiday somewhere.

But the second I got on this bike I knew. Lola's fit was completely wrong. Her seat was too high. Her handlebars were too wide. I was far too stretched out. Cleo feels so much smaller. There is so much less bike underneath me. She feels lighter, even on the wind trainer. The shifters feel a little strange, the proper fit (using some fancy computer geometry and video set-up) feels unfamiliar. But I knew. I knew this was right. Mike at Penny's said the same. I will have a lot more power on this bike. My quads and glutes will hate me at first. If I flew up hills on my poorly fitting, heavy Diamondback, how will I do on a light, properly fitting bike?

It's time. I can not train for Taupo on Lola. I will break myself. I love her, but I have to let her go. Goodbye Lola, hello Cleo. Tomorrow I take Lola into Penny's. They will weigh her and compare the fit, simply for my gratification. They will swap the pedals over. I will put on my cycle shoes and take Cleo for a spin. I will feel nervous. I will wonder again whether I am doing the right thing. I will probably take her up Mt Crawford in an attempt to compare the ride. I will return her to Penny's and buy her anyway.

Anyone want to buy one well-loved, slightly used road bike?


Marshmallow said...

Eeeeeeeee, new bike! Yaay!

[And man, I would totally love a bike. Mind you, I would totally love to know how to RIDE a bike. *sulk*]

Pip said...

Well, if you're going to learn then a road bike is probably not the best place to start. I'd recommend a nice hybrid - still fairly speedy but with a much more upright position. I feel the same way about swimming that you do about cycling!