Friday, August 01, 2008


No, I didn't run today, and I didn't do Balance either. However I'm booked in to two RPM classes tomorrow and the physio has given me permission to run Belmont Park on Sunday.

Right now though I'm seriously regretting Friday night after-work drinks, Whitakers Dark Ghana and Burger Wisconsin. I've been soooooo good all week as well.

My stomach hates me. By the end of this weekend my legs will hate me too. But Mad Dog will love me, and that's what counts when all is said and done!


Nic Wise said...

Why regret it? it's done :) I guess you enjoyed it at the time. And it's not like you do it all the time.

On the up side, I'm about to rejoin the gym here at the beeb, and DIY RPM classes :) Need to do some intensive exercise.

Pip said...

Nah, the only reason I was regretting it was because I was feeling so darn sick. The stomach can't handle wine and junk food the way it used to!
Good to hear you're joining the gym. Makes sense if it's onsite! Looking forward to hearing how it goes ...
Right. Off to Extreme. Hope Stephan's on form this morning!