Friday, August 22, 2008

Eat more pies

Or, Pip is an idiot.

Somehow over the last couple of weeks I've gone from being a little heavier than I would like to losing around two to three kilos and returning to the "OMG, I need to eat" range on the scales. I haven't been this light in around a year.

It seems all I need to do to lose weight is monitor what I eat a little and run. I returned to the lighter end of my weight range much quicker than I would have liked. I decided a few weeks ago that it would be good to start Lake Taupo (for my overseas readers, a 160km, very hilly and challenging cycle race) training a couple of kilos above my ideal. I realised at the time that the long cycle rides were likely to make it a challenge for me to keep my weight up.

Now I need to seriously revise my nutrition plan. Out is relying on fruit for snacks. In is snacking more on yoghurt and grains. I should have realised over the last few days when my wedding rings started falling off my fingers again. I should have realised this week when two hours without food would lead to a hunger crisis of monumental proportions.

Unfortunately I am contaminated with a Weight Watchers philosophy. My psyche is infiltrated by a philosophy built around eighteen points of food a day plus bonus points accumulated from exercise. No standard Weight Watchers programme assumes the range of calorie consumption required to sustain the type of training I am preparing to engage in over the next few months. Weight Watchers for me right now is a mode of thinking I need to wipe from my memory.

Food is fuel. Food is not about control. Food is about being kind to my body and giving it what it needs to stay healthy. Without wanting to sound corny, food is love.

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MizFit said...


it is loving yourself enough to give your body what it cries out for.

not cheesy at all.