Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, that was a bit of a whiny post yesterday. You know what I did today? I ran - for at least half an hour. I ran around the waterfront in the sun, with barely a light breeze to contend with. People were sitting around outside pubs celebrating St Patricks Day, and a group of people dressed in karate whites were practicing martial arts moves on the sand down at Oriental Bay. It was a fun, if brief run. My ankle still hurt, but nowhere near as much as it did when I ran on Wednesday. It feels ok now. I didn't get the stitch and on the way back I amused myself by picking off other runners. I love running!

After work a colleague and I went to a project management seminar and I won a DVD. I guess today was my lucky day. My bruised ego is on the way to recovery ...

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Kate said...

Hehe- you have a lot of work to do if you call THAT whining!!!

Your whining post is like my HAPPY post. I should probably remedy that.