Sunday, March 23, 2008

I need help

I didn't ride with Gearshifters this morning. I was on my feet for 12 hours yesterday at Summerset, and by the time I got home my right hip and leg were very sore. It was nearly 1.00am by the time I got to bed. I'd told myself that I can't live myself around my training and that I should just enjoy the day without having to worry about saving energy for a Sunday ride.

Of course I woke into a half consciousness at around 7a.m with the knowledge that it was going to be the most perfect morning for cycling. The weather was sunny and still. A small part of me said that I wasn't THAT sore, and I could still get up and ride. Another voice said that I'd only make things worse, and that there was a chance I wouldn't have enough power on my right side to keep up.

I went back to sleep and stayed in bed till nearly mid-day, a sure sign that I really needed the rest. It's now 1.00p.m and it's still gorgeous out there. Part of me wants to get on Lola and ride. Part of me thinks that I should really rest. That part of me is pointing out every other time I've been sore in the past and have only exacerbated matters by continuing to train. That part of me says that I won't lose my fitness if I take a day or to off. However I feel underprepared for this Graperide. It's not that I don't feel fit enough, it's more that I just don't have enough experience on my bike. I've never felt so unprepared for an event in my life! I'm also longing to just be able to go out and enjoy a beautiful ride on a lovely day, and I'm feeling deprived of that opportunity by my stupid body.

This sacroilleac injury always does this to me. It throws everything out of whack. I end up feeling tired and sore and emotional. I need to be gentle on myself until I can get to the massage therapist and work the kinks out.

I think a walk sounds like an excellent compromise.


Kate said...

You are SO well prepared for the grape ride. Riding's so different from running. Seriously- I know enough to know you have nothing at all to worry about!

It sounds like you made the right decision too, though pity about missing the ride. It really was fantastic weather!

Pip said...

Thanks. It's been a bit of a melt-down day! I went for a big walk this afternoon around the waterfront and the Southern Walkway. I'm still sore, but I think I managed to talk myself down off the cliff.

Incidentally - the town was full of people in black t shirts and jeans for Rock to Wellington. I haven't seen so many bogans since my days of growing up in West Auckland!

I'm planning a ride tomorrow. I'm sure you'll hear how I get on!